Eileen Co-stars Opposite Leah Remini and Chelsea Handler “In The Motherhood” Webseries

Interviewed by Kaylene Peoples:

I visited Eileen at her home in Los Angeles and she spoke of her experiences as a voice-over artist, an actress, and the business in general.

You’re on an Internet show?

I’m doing a show called “In the Motherhood.” It airs on inthemotherhood.com. It stars Leah Remini, Chelsea Handler, and me; and Lainie Kazan plays the mom. Webisodes are growing in our market.They are finding a way to tie in content with products. For example, my character, Maria, is talking about the trouble she’s having with her life and is talking on her Sprint cell phone.

What is a webisode?

It is written just like a regular sitcom about five minutes in length, and they cut to in consumer generated products.

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In The Motherhood In The Motherhood In The Motherhood - Eileen with Leah Remini

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